Ganter Group becomes partner in AH Aktiv-Haus GmbH

Waldkirch_ Michael Ganter, owner of the global Ganter Group, is a new partner in AH Aktiv-Haus GmbH. The company was established in March 2016 and with its aktivhaus is developing “the first house that has the power to change the world”. As an expert in the retail, commercial and residential real estate sectors, Ganter Group develops high-quality branded and retail properties, modern workplaces, public buildings and luxury residences.
Other partners in AH Aktiv-Haus GmbH include entrepreneur Klaus Fischer, architect and engineer Werner Sobek, and the former mayor of Stuttgart Wolfgang Schuster. Fischer heads the corporate group of the same name and which is known worldwide for anchors and fastening systems. Sobek is the founder of the Werner Sobek corporate group, a highly celebrated architectural firm that focusses on engineering, design and sustainability. Schuster is the current director of the Institute for Sustainable City Development in Stuttgart.

aktivhaus pursues the vision of a sustainable building. It sets itself apart fundamentally from the manner in which buildings have been built to date. The Triple Zero® standard developed by Werner Sobek forms the basis for this vision. A Triple Zero® building consumes on average per year no more energy than it generates from sustainable sources (zero energy building), produces no CO2 emissions or substances damaging to humans or the environment (zero emission building), and can be completely recycled (zero waste building).

The aktivhaus showpiece is the Series 900. All components can be fully recycled at the end of its useful life. This means that if the building is moved or dismantled, it leaves no waste behind. The land can be renatured without any contamination or other residues. The Series 900 models use photovoltaics to generate up to 200% of their daily power needs. The surplus energy can be used for electric cars and e-bikes, passed on in the evening to the highest-bidding grid, or assist energy-deficient buildings in the neighbourhood. There are no limits to private and commercial clients on the styling of the interiors. Thanks to its expertise in the premium segment, Ganter Interior GmbH is an exclusive supplier of these modules.

The aktivhaus Series 700 is an affordable starter model. The models meet all construction standards and can be individually combined from a wide choice of different variants, materials, surfaces and colours. This makes the series a highly sought-after solution for cities, municipalities and project developers. The first large-scale project has already been implemented: Kreisbaugesellschaft Waiblingen recently began operating 38 modules in Winnenden.

Werner Sobek is pleased with the addition to the management team. “Michael Ganter is an ideal partner for us to have on board,” he says. “With his experience in interior design, he perfectly complements our core competencies of design and engineering, our fischerwerke joining and assembly expertise as well as process optimisation and the wealth of knowledge that Wolfgang Schuster brings in regional and international urban and site development.”

Ganter himself is looking forward to the new job role. “In my view, there is no alternative to aktivhaus given the lack of raw building materials caused by the population explosion,” he comments. “The aktivhaus concept will bring lasting change to the construction industry. We are proud to be actively shaping this revolution.”