Working at Ganter is all about motivated colleagues, perfectly coordinated teams and respectful interaction, regardless of the area or location in which you work. With our onboarding process, we take you by the hand on the first day and ensure a smooth start.


We like it when you put your experience and expertise to work for the success and growth of our company, especially if you enjoy meeting challenges, working with a team, and taking individual responsibility. To enable you to do this from the very start, we first develop an orientation schedule tailored to your needs and skills. From the outset, you will be guided by a sponsor who will support you individually and integrate you into the company. This will allow you to quickly become familiar with key workflows, co-workers and varied projects. You will also be provided with a comprehensive training programme from the first weeks on so that you will be up to scratch on the specific requirements at Ganter.


We bring visions to life...

Driven by achieving perfection

Together, and with our customers, we always strive to achieve the highest level of quality – regardless of which corner of the world the project is.

Ganter is a motivated, vibrant team that rejects no challenge and does not stop until the solution is entirely satisfying.

Jochen Kuhnert Service Unit Manager Retail / Purchasing, Estimation & Design Engineering
Alexander Groß

I enjoy co-operating with the Ganter Group because customers’ and suppliers’ wishes are met with utmost team orientation and innovation.

Alexander Groß Partner, Ernst & Young GmbH
Great people form great teams

To assemble a team of individuals with distinct skill-sets and a diversity in expertise in such a way that they perfectly complement each other and aim for the best results – that is what we truly enjoy and lays the foundation of our success.

To pursue and reach a challenging goal with commited and open-minded colleagues! Perhaps this sums up the fascination of Ganter.

Jan Hendrik Vlijt COO Ganter Contruction & Interiors

Working with Ganter is an amazing experience for the simple reason that they are fantastic people who are aware of their talents and know how to apply them in the best way possible.

Chris Kappas Brand Development Manager, Victoria’s Secret
Pursuing your passion

Nothing impedes creativity as much as routines. For that reason, we constantly confront our teams with changing tasks in changing environments, thereby ensuring to establish a richness of viewpoints among our teams and to keep up the spirit of co-creation and contribution.

For me, being a part of Ganter means to commit myself to diverse and demanding tasks within internationally operating teams.

Franziska Rein Commercial Project Operation
Scherer Heike

Even when working part-time I am able to develop and execute thrilling projects! While doing so, I appreciate the diversity of the tasks, the given freedom, and especially the openness and kindness of my colleagues and executives.

Heike Scherer Marketing Manager
Core Values first! They inspire everything we do.

We firmly believe in the significantly uplifting impact of a respectful, responsible, and collaborative culture among colleagues. This has always been the root factor nurturing our success and is crucial to a sustainable path towards an inspiring and successful working community.

Michael Reichenbach

Since my first day at Ganter 12 years ago and to this day, I am amazed by the way people are treated within this family owned business. The encounters when randomly bumping into Astrid or Michael Ganter in the hallway always have a touch of closeness and familiarity.

Michael Reichenbach Logistics
Our employees - our most valuable resource

We want to develop our employees and offer them opportunities to grow. That is why we permanently invest in training and further education. Only when knowledge transfer works in all directions we can stay up to date with you.


There are positions that we always need to fill with skilled and eligible candidates and that we would like to introduce to you. You will find open positions in our job portal.

You haven’t found the ideal job on the job portal, but you are convinced Ganter is the right place for you? Then we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application.

Projects Manager at Ganter
Project Manager (m/f/d)

You enjoy inspiring others in a project, always keeping an eye on all the essential aspects, and are convincing through a positive attitude as well as an unerring sense of customer and market needs. As decisive and assertive as you are, it is easy for you to lead and motivate your team. Not only are you the specialist for technical questions, but you are also used to working reliably to meet deadlines while keeping an eye on the costs. You estimate these classic cornerstones – time, cost, and quality – just as skillfully as the company’s chances and risks, from the first calculation to the successful completion.
As an (interior) architect, civil engineer, or constructional engineer, you distinguish yourself with a confident manner, a solution-oriented working style, and a great willingness to assume responsibility in dealing with our customers. That is why Ganter offers you an incredible variety of projects and challenges. Please contact us! career@ganter-group.com

Site Manager

You need ground under your feet and wind blowing in your face, hustle and bustle surrounding you, and the satisfying view of how new things are gradually growing before your eyes. On site and right in the middle of everything, you will coordinate and assess the services of all trades at the construction site, be the sparring partner of the project management, and coordinate closely with the team with regard to all construction progresses.
Despite your commitment to perfect planning, you can improvise and react to unexpected situations quickly, efficiently, and purposefully. Unpleasant surprises are a rarity on your construction sites thanks to your structured approach and excellent documentation. And because you always keep cool, you communicate with subcontractors as well as customers in friendly manner and at eye level – in German as well as English.
In addition to your communication skills, you have a solid education – as a civil engineer, construction engineer, or architect, or in a craft trade – and professional experience that are the basis for your aplomb. Get to know our projects very closely and experience construction management at the Ganter Group! Please contact us! career@ganter-group.com

Besprechung im Projektteam
Technical Project Operation (m/f/d)

You are the man or the woman for technical detail! Whenever your project management needs you, they will receive an answer regarding all technical questions and assistance with optimal processing. In addition, all data for the entire project documentation will be bundled at your end: planning, assembly and production documents, information on new products, technologies, and methods – you will keep everything together in an orderly fashion. Not the smallest performance or deadline deviation escapes your critical eye, which is due not only to your structured working style but also to your routine use of IT programs and systems. Technical drawings are of course of great importance. You are therefore familiar with implementing design sketches and independently creating true-to-scale construction drawings, blueprints, or design drawings using different CAD programs.
You are also responsible for data exchange with external partners and builders, as well as the internal contact for the project tasks assigned to you. You like conceptual work and benefit from your experience in detailed planning and engineering.
If you are a draftsman, a technical draftsman, or a construction engineer, you are particularly qualified for the assignment in our Commercial and Residential business areas. In the Retail sector, the emphasis is on furniture construction, which is why design engineers and CAD specialists are particularly active here. Let us know where you see your ideal operational area!
Please contact us! career@ganter-group.com

Product sales Chart
Ganter Group employees ski holiday


The way we work is extremely dedicated, team-oriented, full of joy, and to the highest standard – and we are proud of that. Flat hierarchies and an open working culture make for a pleasant and collegial atmosphere at Ganter. We cultivate shared values such as respect, responsibility at all levels, and cosmopolitanism – that’s why the English language is part of our corporate culture.

We believe that a culture of openness to criticism and feedback helps each and every one of us, and that our development – in HR as well – is never complete. That is because Ganter’s aim to be the best in the business calls for ongoing quality control and improvement, across the board.

And even if we are extremely ambitious in our goals and never lose sight of our company’s success, sharing the fun is always important. Barbecues, New Year’s parties, excursions, and privately organised sports and musical groups promote this corporate culture and team spirit.

Besprechung im Projektteam


Continuous transfer of knowledge, combined with an individual training programme ensures our employees are prepared for exciting and challenging projects, and create the foundation for their personal career path. To achieve this, we offer courses on technical topics such as construction law, purchasing, project management, woodwork and metalwork training as well as various product training sessions, as well as topics such as self-management, leadership training and languages. The courses are regularly adjusted to meet employees’ needs and provide them with optimal support. Ganter currently offers more than 60 courses, primarily as e-learnings but also as face-to-face courses – some of them held by employees for employees, others by external trainers.