… than the sum of its parts. We know that the key to Ganter’s success is the motivation, the creativity and the interaction between every member of our team. That is why we really are interested in you. We offer the best training and continuing education options and a wide variety of jobs with prospects for advancement.

Working at Ganter

We believe in trust and inspiration. After all, only employers that offer fair and secure working conditions, know their employees personally, and support and inspire them can reap the rewards of a highly motivated, proficient and innovative team. This is why it is extremely important for us to have a trusting corporate culture that affords each and every employee the opportunity to contribute his or her talents and ideas constructively.
Whether you are an engineer, a construction supervisor, a technician, an IT specialist, a project manager or a commercial employee – working at Ganter Group is as rich in variety and change as our international projects.

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Who would know better than Ganter how important the foundation is? That goes for both buildings and careers. Our experience informs our belief in solid training at the beginning of a professional career.

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Finding your way professionally, testing the latest theories against practice, encountering interesting projects and maybe even discovering a launchpad for your career – an internship with Ganter makes it all possible.
Even your bachelor or master thesis can be written at Ganter.

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Click here to see an overview of all open positions and training and internship opportunities.

Jobs at Ganter

If you do not see something to suit you right now, we will still be happy to receive your unsolicited application. There are positions that we always need to fill with skilled and eligible candidates and that we would like to introduce to you.

"When I came to Ganter in Waldkirch in 2008, I had my carpentry apprenticeship and master craftsman's certificate as well as several years of work experience with designer and artist Joseph Walsh in his studio in Ireland and Sunac Woodwork in Canada. I wanted to move on and travel the world.
During a spontaneous job interview with Ganter, it quickly became clear to me: you won't get bored here. There are lots of exciting projects with well-known clients to realise and I'll probably get my travel expenses too. After only eight years I had travelled almost the entire globe.
I can say of myself that I have always seized the opportunities that Ganter offered me. Since 2020, I've been managing my own division as Business Unit Manager with currently seventeen employees, and the trend is rising."

Martin Wehrle Business Unit Manager

"After studying architecture in Venice and various career stations that finally took me as far as Asia, my start at Ganter was initially a real culture shock for me. In 2017, I moved directly from Shanghai to the residential team in Waldkirch in the Black Forest as a project manager.
However, due to my love of challenging projects, I quickly returned to the vibrant city of New York to realise the expansion of Pace University in downtown Manhattan for Ganter. To today, this is one of my absolute favourite projects, just like the office in New York based on a fabulous interior concept by Christian Halleröd for a well-known American fashion label.
Numerous major international projects followed, and I got to know many countries and inspiring people during my work. I now appreciate my adopted home near Freiburg all the more as a home base for my personal work-life balance."

Paola Veronese Senior Project Manager

With my university degree in my pocket, I was gripped by wanderlust in the summer of 2018. My destination was Germany – I wanted to stay for a maximum of one year. I wanted to learn perfect German in two months, then gain practical experience as an architect and fly back to Argentina. I quickly realised that my plan would not work out. Two months turned into eight.
Shortly afterwards I had my first job interview with Jan Hendrick Vlijt from the Ganter Group. Jan wanted to have the interview with me in English because he wanted to give me the chance to feel 'more confident and comfortable', which I appreciated. He said: 'Language is not a barrier with us'. However, I was keen to use the German I had just learned and we talked in German. Today I know that at that very moment I had made an impression and gained a big plus point. The following Monday, we said yes to each other.

Luciano Ferraris Rostock Project Manager

My start at the Ganter Group was in 2006: with a short stopover in trade fair construction, I came fresh from the technical college for wood technology in Detmold. Before that, after my carpentry apprenticeship in Essen, I had worked as a journeyman for three years, one of them in Dublin. I remember how impressed I was after my first visit to Ganter – by the power plant, by the offices, but above all by the atmosphere. I really wanted to go there!
Now I've been at Ganter for over 15 years, and if I have my way, I'd love to add another 15. Even though my roots are in the Ruhr area, I am at home here in Waldkirch with my family and have found a wonderful second home.
I have recently been appointed Managing Director of the Ganter Group and although the focus of my work has changed over the years, one thing has always remained the same: My joy in coming here every day and tackling the challenges together with great colleagues. The company's course is set for success!

Jan Hendrick Vlijt COO

As an HR Business Partner, I am responsible for very different topics at the Ganter Group. And that's a good thing, because I love variety in my day-to-day job.
I look after many employees at our headquarters in Waldkirch, but also at the branches in Tauberbischofsheim and Schenkon in Switzerland. I really enjoy my days away from my office. I like the change of scenery in between and I always look forward to meeting my colleagues and hearing their individual job and everyday stories.
What is especially important to me is our employee satisfaction. It is important to me that my colleagues enjoy coming to work, after all, we spend a lot of time together as a team. Many factors play a role here: Generation Y and the Corona pandemic have turned the job market inside out, and the demands on Ganter as an employer have changed. As a human resources manager, I find it exciting to react to this changed situation, to develop new ideas, to adapt processes and to work in a future-oriented way.

Linda Louise Leimenstoll HR Business Partner

During my time at the Ganter Group, I had the opportunity to work with many interesting clients from a wide range of industries, from Vertu to Burberry and Montblanc to Lynk & Co. Together we have realised projects all over the world, which I look back on fondly – despite some stressful situations.
At Ganter we are always breaking new ground. That is a quality that is important to me and that I value very much. Alongside the open company culture, it was a very decisive reason why I came back to Ganter in 2019 after three years.
Recently, the topic of sustainability has become more and more important. Many of our customers have set themselves the goal of becoming more sustainable. And like many others, the topic drives me, which is why I'm currently working on my MBA in sustainability management.
In shopfitting, we certainly still have a long way to go, but we are taking it step by step and trying to improve in small and large ways.

Thomas Zeiske Senior Project Manager

After twelve years of project business in the Ganter Group, managing my own energy throughout the day, but also over weeks, months and years, is essential in addition to managing interior design projects. I need new energy to be able to perform and succeed in the long term. This makes a good work-life balance all the more important for me. I need it to adjust my rhythm and to recharge my energy level again and again.
Sport of all kinds offers me the perfect balance to my job. That's why I'm also pleased that we at Ganter have the opportunity to take advantage of the company fitness programme offered by Hansefit. We are very fortunate here in the region to have numerous partners. The choice is huge!
In addition, the Black Forest naturally offers fantastic nature experiences for small and large outdoor adventures at any time of year – all right on my doorstep. Simply super!

Sebastian Mais Business Team Manager

The word love means a lot to me. Oh, I dare say it is the basis for everything. Life gives you so many beautiful love relationships. And I don't just mean partnerships, friendships and family relationships. I also mean the professional ones. No matter what I've done professionally so far, and some of these stations were unplanned, I just slipped into it, my heart was in it every single time. 100 %. I love facing new people and challenges. They enrich me and my life.
In my job as Content Marketing Manager in the Ganter Group, it is important for me to get to know the people in the company. They help me to do my job better. They provide me with the information, stories and anecdotes I need to write texts – for example for blog posts, references and social media.
My colleagues play a big part in the fact that I love what I do every day.

Peggy Kirchenkamp Content Marketing Manager

A few years ago, I moved from Freiburg im Breisgau to Switzerland, to the beautiful Sempachersee in the canton of Lucerne. The reason for this was my change of job within the Ganter Group from Team Germany to Team Switzerland.
My colleagues made my arrival very easy. I already knew some of them from when I wrote my bachelor's thesis there and from the annual company parties at the headquarters in Waldkirch.
In Schenkon, my love for the mountains has grown even more. As a triathlete, I find perfect training conditions there. To be able to prepare optimally for a triathlon, I need a lot of time. Ganter as an employer allows me to organise my working hours flexibly. This flexibility takes a lot of organisational stress away from me. I appreciate that very much.

Patrick Schmitt Business Team Manager Schweiz



Our applicant portal is available for your application. There, you can contact us with a letter explaining your motivation for applying, your specific interest in an internship, or how you would like to tie a job at Ganter in with your dissertation. Your one-page letter on your motivation should also indicate initial thoughts on the subject of your B.A. or M.A. thesis and should further mention why you are qualified for the internship you are seeking. In addition you should also submit a curriculum vitae and references.


In general, the recruitment procedure might vary depending on the country of the position for which you are applying. We attempt to be effective in the review of your documents, the preselection of successful candidates and the scheduling of the initial face-to-face interviews, and to respond in a timely manner. If we believe that you match the requirements, we will contact you, but the process may take several weeks. If you would like to find out about the status of your application, please do not hesitate to contact us: The typical process is that we will conduct a detailed personal interview, in which you will meet with representatives of your intended department and managers from HR. Subsequent to this, we welcome you for one day in your future department. Thus, we have the possibility to get to know each other within the regular working environment: The scope and content of work, the prospective colleagues, the personalities, the atmosphere and the corporate culture – if everything suits your expectations, the foundation stone for a successful cooperation is already laid.


The documents submitted should not be larger than 50 MB and must be uploaded as PDFs to the Ganter applicant portal. There you will have the option of sending up to three documents in addition to the letter and curriculum vitae.


Immediately after we receive your application, we will email you a confirmation. It usually takes two to three weeks to review your documents more thoroughly.


Because a perfect onboarding process and a smooth integration are so important to us (see “get off to a good start”), we will provide you with a dedicated contact from the very start. You may get in touch with this person at any time. However, thanks to our open and communicative corporate culture, you will soon feel confident contacting other co-workers as well. What is more, there will be regular feedback sessions between you, representatives of your department, and managers from HR. To us, an open, solution-oriented communication and constructive feedback is particularly important, to identify what works well, what does not and where more effort is needed. We will continue asking these questions on both sides and have experienced this to be the best approach to start with from the very first day at work.


Yes, that’s right. Treating people as equals is so important to us that people at Ganter really are on “first name terms” with one another, regardless of their position in the company’s organisational structure.


The way we work is extremely dedicated, team-orientated, full of joy, and to the highest standard – and we are proud of that. But even if we are extremely ambitious in our goals and never lose sight of our company’s success, sharing the fun is always important. Company events promote this corporate culture and team spirit. We cultivate shared values like respect, responsibility at all levels, and open-mindedness – and that’s why our corporate language is English. We believe that a culture of openness to criticism and feedback helps each and every one of us, and that our development – in HR as well – is never complete. That is because Ganter’s aim to be the best in the business calls for ongoing quality control and improvement, across the board. (For more information, see #whyGanter)


The Ganter career path, paired with a wide variety of internal and external training programmes at Ganter Academy, offers the best foundation for your further professional development. Whenever possible, we recruit our leaders from our own ranks – staying true to the idea of “promotion from the inside”!


Become a part of our team in Waldkirch or Tauberbischofsheim as PROJECT MANAGER INTERIOR CONSTRUCTION (m/f/d) and realise unique projects with know-how, passion and commitment.

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