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The Ganter Group develops, builds, and operates buildings for internationally renowned customers and brands in the commercial, public, and private sectors.

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Global Reach and Footprint

The Ganter Group operates worldwide as a global leader in the construction and real estate sector. Our services are all-inclusive, ranging from project development to construction and expansion all the way to operation of properties. Well-known customers across the globe place their trust in our expertise, which spans two decades.

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develop, build and operate

From green meadows to handing over of the keys and beyond – The Ganter Group is a broad-base construction and real estate service provider. Along the value chain, projects are developed, implemented and operated in a variety of business segments, meeting the highest quality standards.


Passion and Expertise in 3 Areas

As experts in the retail, commercial and residential business segments, we realise projects for high-end mono-label and retail spaces, cutting-edge workplaces, public premises and sophisticated residential properties – from the germ of an idea all the way to handing over the keys and beyond.

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A Career at Ganter Group

Since 1995, Ganter’s growth has been meteoric – from a two-man company to an international corporate group with more than 400 employees. When a company grows that robustly and dynamically, it has a stake in its employees and their expertise, and that is precisely the source of Ganter Group’s greatest capital.
This is why we not only offer attractive positions for interns, trainees, career starters and experienced professionals in an international setting, we also make their professional advancement and continuing education one of our highest priorities.

Career at Ganter