Strong Partnerships – for the Long Run

Our suppliers play a primary role in our strength. That’s why we strive for collaboration with you that is as long-lasting as it is founded in trust. This is the only way we will maintain our global connections and long-term success.


Ganter Group network

Internationally successful

Quality, promptness, and a strong sense of innovation have earned GANTER INTERIOR a leading place in the international marketplace. Our dependable and flexible suppliers contribute greatly to this success. We work hand in hand with suppliers for high quality woods and materials such as; metals, stainless steel, glass and acrylics plus the general contracting obligations required for their installation. We value trusted, long-term business relationships and base our decisions on objective performance criteria that reflect our determination to achieve the best possible results. This pertains to us as well as our business partners. If your goal is to create an interior environment reflecting the highest standard of quality, please contact us.

Code of ethics for suppliers

Ganter Interior and all her subsidiaries wanted long-lasting business relations and a cooperative relationship with their suppliers. The association to them is embossed by fairness, directness and trust. This should contrib-ute to high quality-standards of products and services. In fact of this Ganter Interior and all her subsidiaries insist from all business partners, that they keep ethical trading conditions in their companies.