Lynk & Co Club

  • Berlin
  • S-P-A-C-E Project
  • Lynk & Co
  • 450 m²
  • 2020
  • Measurement, finishing, drywall, sandblasting, screed, painting, project management, construction management, coordination of external suppliers, sampling, shopfitting, free-standing furniture, merchandise, metal construction work

As I stated, I’m very happy with our collaboration and Ganter has proven to be a very reliable and professional partner in our unique project of creating disruption in the (car) retail environment. This is a very challenging project with a lot of new and never tried elements and the way the Ganter team has managed this has been a key ingredient to our success so far.

Alain Visser CEO, Lynk & Co

Edgy designs meet historic architecture

The existing architecture of the building was made visible and contrasts with new elements and fixtures. Rough walls with a used look meet historic wall panelling and plush lounge elements meet classic stucco ceilings. Smoothed screed on the ground floor or historic oak herringbone parquet on the upper floor emphasise the club’s rugged character. And the new surfaces are structured by dry-wall panels with visible Q2 filler. For the wall surfaces behind the bar, numerous layers of plaster and paint from previous years were removed piece by piece to achieve the perfect surface. A special highlight on the upper floor is the Mirror Room, a free-standing glass cube with orange-tinted mirror surfaces that reflects the listed historic wood panelling on the wall and ceiling surfaces. The modern conference room inside, which can also be booked by external visitors, is a special contrast to this. The Berlin Club again features numerous elements that are quite characteristic of Lynk & Co and evoke a twinkle in the eye: a wall niche with tongue-shaped seating, the traffic light wall in the staircase with Berlin traffic lights, a changing room with „eyes“, the toilet inspired by a wooden log cabin or the cobalt blue amphitheatre centrally located on the ground floor.