Longchamp Store Cologne

  • Köln
  • Longchamp | Giuseppe Galioto
  • Longchamp | Giuseppe Galioto
  • Longchamp
  • 220 m²
  • 2023
  • Complete interior construction as general contractor from shell to finished boutique in listed building, including basic evaluation on the basis of the project concept

The heritage-protected façade from the 1950s and certain parts of the building were not allowed to be touched and the execution of our finishing work was under observation the whole time. In particular, the curved glass panes in the entrance area had to be highly protected by our team.

Daniel Sum Business Team Manager, Ganter Group

Light ambience in a living room atmosphere

Longchamp's new store concept focuses on a significant reduction in the presentation of goods with a focus on a familiar feel-good atmosphere. The interior provides a comfortable environment with warm wooden surfaces made of oak as well as walnut, shapely upholstered furniture and colorful carpets. Bright colors and mood lighting make for a refreshing shopping experience. The green hues reflect the brand's ecological approach to sustainability. In this way, Longchamp sets itself apart from the previously rather dark ambience of its boutiques and presents itself in a light way with elaborate curved and fine furniture, which sometimes stands freely in the room or is fixed to the walls in an almost floating way. The final challenge for the Ganter team came just before the end of the project: one week before the furniture was to be installed, the office for the preservation of historical monuments issued a ban on placing any furniture in front of the windows. This would negatively affect the overall impression of the historic building façade of the Blue Gold House. So, on very short notice, curtains were added behind the obligatory Pliage handbag wall, and there was nothing to prevent the opening.